Tech Marketing Webinar Series

Discover IT marketing insights and solutions in our new series of webinars specific to tech marketers. Each webinar will connect you with UBM Tech’s marketing experts and leave you with actionable advice to improve your marketing strategy.

Research: How the 2014 InformationWeek Elite 100 Gain Digital Advantage

This year’s survey results provides some deeper insights into exactly how and how much companies are embracing the big-picture tech trends of the day — mobile, analytics, and cloud.

Mastering Tech Content Marketing

Content marketing is a top priority for B2B tech marketers for good reason: IT professionals use an average of 8 types of information formats or sources for their jobs. How to keep pace?

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Infographic: How to Get IT Professionals to Say Yes to Your Events

Our How To infographic shares some of the research that will be covered in our upcoming webinar, “Why Tech Events Fail or Succeed.” Curious to learn more? Continue Reading →


6 Keys to Using the New Twitter Design for PR

Twitter’s new design – mirroring Facebook’s layout and emphasizing visuals – reinforces the importance of using multimedia elements in communications. However, the new layout offers more opportunity for brands than initially meets the eye. Continue Reading →


Webinar: How to Get IT Professionals to Say Yes to Your Events

Join UBM Tech event experts Brian Gillooly and Robyn Duda as they share new research on “Why Tech Events Fail or Succeed” during this 30-minute webinar. Register Now! Continue Reading →


Google Changes Title Display Length in the Results

Google recently changed their search engine results pages in an attempt to further optimize for mobile devices. This is an important change that emphasizes the need to properly optimize for placement of search terms (keywords) as well as for length. Continue Reading →


Webinar: 2014 Embedded Market Study | Then, Now: What’s Next

Every year UBM Tech conducts a comprehensive survey of embedded system designers in order to learn more about their trials, tribulations, issues, objectives and other key elements of the design cycle. If you are interested in getting the pulse of the global embedded design market attend this webinar to hear the highlights of our findings. In particular, we benchmark three to five of years of change with a look toward the future in all aspects of the embedded development process. Continue Reading →


White Papers, Video & Infographic Best Practices

Here are some best practices for making whitepapers, videos, and infographics more engaging for your prospects. Continue Reading →


Content That Gets Results: 5 Quick Tips

Follow these guidelines to develop content that resonates with prospects whether they’re just researching, narrowing down their options, or justifying a purchase decision. Continue Reading →

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