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Infographic: 10 Industry Event Don’ts For Tech Marketers

UBM Tech polled 1000+ tech professionals to learn about their event preferences and actions. Based on their responses, we put together a list of ten things marketers should not do before, during, and after an event. Plus, one all-important marketing Do. Continue Reading →


A Year in Review: Infographics

Infographics played a larger role than ever in Create Your Next Customer’s 2014 visual storytelling efforts. Looking back, they provide a great snapshot of the year’s big marketing and technology trends from our longer research pieces. Continue Reading →


Reminder: Your Best Content Expires January 1, 2015

Many tech marketers (myself included) regard the new year with more than a little apprehension. The expiration dates on your best content marketing pieces are fast approaching, and another year of content planning and creation is upon us. Here are some strategies to extend the shelf life of your content. Continue Reading →


Content Marketing that Drives Results — and Investment

“One of the reasons I hate the word omni-channel is that it encourages us to be everywhere, and no one can,” says Rose. “We must pick and choose strategically.” Continue Reading →


Content Marketing—Challenges, Obstacles and Barriers, oh my!

Part One of a conversation with CMI’s Chief Strategy Officer Robert Rose, to discuss some of the trends from the survey and their implications for marketers. The conversation gives some insight into the “state of the state” of content marketing at many organizations, with a particular focus on barriers to success. Continue Reading →


Circular Marketing

First came integrated marketing, then outbound marketing, then inbound marketing, and now circular marketing. What’s changed is the addition of metrics into the marketing plan. Continue Reading →


How Electronics Engineers Consume Content Infographic Series: Online Communities

Fast facts to help marketers understand the importance of online communities to Electronics Engineers. Continue Reading →


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