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Copy Quality: New Imperatives for Communicators

How does one determine whether or not a piece of content is low quality? Understanding how to build/create quality content is a mandate for all communicators creating digital content. Google offered insights into how, when building the Panda algorithm, they determined whether or not content was quality. Continue Reading →


Will Google+ Page Insights Make A Difference?

I know I’m not the only one who ignores Google+ as a marketing tool. Despite the fact that I’ve seen more tech event registrations come from Google+ than LinkedIn, and know that promoting content on the platform can raise search rankings, I haven’t even attempted to use it in a professional context. That marketing skepticism may change as Google recently made analytics data available for Google+ pages. Continue Reading →


10 Tips for Developing Your Organization’s Visual Strategy

The case for using visuals in press releases, content marketing and other digital communications is clear, but for many organizations, doing this is easier said than done. According to the PR and marketing pros responding to our survey, budget isn’t the primary constraint when it comes to producing multimedia messaging. The principal challenges are time and resources. Continue Reading →


Content Marketing Rules the World

Content marketing strategy is both an art and a science – and, when done right, it leads IT prospects comfortably along a path that educates, warms them to your products and services, and ultimately helps compel them to purchase your solutions. In this white paper, Stephanie Stahl, UBM Tech’s Vice President of Content Marketing, discusses how to nurture your prospects by introducing them to the right content, in the right form, and at the right time. Continue Reading →


Why Storytelling Matters for PR

There’s a lot of talk about storytelling today amongst communicators, and for good reason. In our frenetic, always-on, socially-connected, information fueled environments, information is continually washing over us. A few things stick, and those are generally stories. Continue Reading →


Google Changes Title Display Length in the Results

Google recently changed their search engine results pages in an attempt to further optimize for mobile devices. This is an important change that emphasizes the need to properly optimize for placement of search terms (keywords) as well as for length. Continue Reading →


White Papers, Video & Infographic Best Practices

Here are some best practices for making whitepapers, videos, and infographics more engaging for your prospects. Continue Reading →


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