Custom Events

Tap into UBM Tech’s event resources to build a world-class event program

Our event team will develop customized events that are tailored to meet your specific business objectives and get you in front of your best prospects.  Our experienced team will help you develop and control content in a small- or large-scale meeting environment with creativity and flawless event execution that translates into high impact experiences for all participants.

IW 500 SpeakerWe’ll work with you to help determine the critical components of a successful event for your company and attendees, including:

  • Discussion topic and content
  • Speakers and subject matter experts
  • Format & flow of the event
  • Select the cities/locales you want to target
  • Define the audience you want to reach
  • Qualifiers: title, job function, industry, co. size
  • Turnkey Event Formats

Our experienced events team will manage and execute all of the program details, including recruitment, content coordination, event logistics, on-site registration, audio visual and menu selections. And, scalable programs allow you to reach your prospects and clients across the United States and globally.

Executive Forums are half day events, in single or multiple locations, that are best suited for a medium- or large number of qualified attendees.

Executive Roundtables are two hour events that allow you to present ideas, receive feedback and discuss best practices with a small group of your top customers.

Live Event Simulcast is an easy-to-use interface that will remotely link key prospects/clients and increase the ROI of your custom face to face events.