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2014 Digital Issues

editorial alignment + brand exposure Our quarterly web-based digital issues allow qualified subscribers to engage with our authoritative perspective and analysis for more informed decision making.  Each digital issue focuses on big ideas, and are written by our trusted editors and reporters. Reach qualified IT and business professionals early in their buying process by aligning […] Continue Reading →

Future Cities

The Global Online Community For Innovation In Global Urbanization We are living through the first truly urban age. Cities take up 2% of the Earth’s crust, but accommodate 50% of the population, consume 75% of the energy, and contribute 80% of the CO2 emissions. By 2025 it is expected that more than 60% of the […] Continue Reading →

Must Reads

Targeted, Hand-Picked Content On The Most Talked About Technologies Business technology decision makers are inundated with information from every possible platform. Blogs, social networks, websites, emails, newsletters, videos – the options are endless.  How do time-strapped professionals prioritize what to read, what to delve deeper into – and what to ignore? Our editors aim to […] Continue Reading →

Mobile Advertising

Business technology professionals rely on their smartphones 24/7 to operate at the speed of business. The smartphone has become the nexus point for business and personal activity. In order to keep pace with accelerating user demands, technology professionals require access to email, websites, news and Web 2.0 content such as wikis for collaboration and RSS […] Continue Reading →

Behavioral Ad Targeting

Reach Targeted Business Technology Decision Makers On Our Trusted Network Behavioral Ad Targeting is a powerful online tool that allows you to multiply your reach to highly targeted decision makers who have engaged with a specific tech topic on one of our sites. Your ad series follows this targeted group of tech decision makers as […] Continue Reading →

Radio Shows

Educate And Engage Target Audiences While Filling Your Sales Pipeline We’ve combined streaming audio with our unique chat application to deliver unprecedented levels of engagement. One of our brand’s trusted editors and an expert from the user community will host a 60 minute live Radio Show  on a UBM Tech community site of sponsor’s choice. […] Continue Reading →

InformationWeek Reports

research + thought leadership + brand exposure InformationWeek Reports empower business technology leaders to make smarter, faster decisions. Our team of senior editors and practicing IT professionals includes CIOs, long-time security consultants and experienced analysts who share their expert perspective and advice. Each 15 to 40 page report is tailored to help decision-makers determine which […] Continue Reading →

Topic Alignment Program (TAP)

content alignment + brand awareness + community engagement + lead generation Our Topic Alignment Program provides you an opportunity to sponsor a tech-specific section on or, putting your service or solution in front of active IT professionals. TAP Into UBM Tech’s Powerful Communities Our community contributors of CIOs, CEOs, and subject matter experts […] Continue Reading →

Web Advertising

Showcase your products and services in front of millions of business technology buyers. Our ad units can reach a variety of IT and tech-savvy business professionals with run-of-network or run-of-site positions. For a more targeted approach, use contextual placements to reach business technology decision makers interested in specific technologies or industries. Topics available: Cloud Computing […] Continue Reading →

Tech Digests

Our online communities produce web-based Tech Digests with deep, practical analysis focused on a specific technology topic, from the state of Storage and Cloud to Strategic Security and Big Data. Our team of senior editors and practicing IT professionals – including CIOs, long-time consultants, and experienced analysts – provide expert perspective that business technology decision […] Continue Reading →

Demographic Ad Targeting

Reach Targeted Business Technology Decision Makers On Our Trusted Network   Demographic Ad Targeting is a powerful online tool that allows you to fine tune your media reach to tech decision makers who fit within your specific demographic targets. Your advertisement follows the selected group as they traverse across our online network, maximizing your brand’s visibility […] Continue Reading →

Topic Alignment Program (TAP) – Financial Services

content alignment + brand awareness + community engagement + lead generation Our Topic Alignment Program provides you an opportunity to educate prospects by sharing white papers, blogs and social media posts via an interactive Related Content unit that runs across or, putting your service or solution in front of active IT professionals. TAP […] Continue Reading →

Partner Perspectives

Your Voice. Our Platform. One Community. Join the Conversations and Share Your Point of View Inject your voice into the trusted environment of our editorial communities by providing article posts written by your subject matter experts Your content is promoted and integrated across one of our community sites, providing you with significant exposure to tech pros […] Continue Reading →

Direct Marketing Solutions

UBM’s technology market lists are managed exclusively by MeritDirect. The UBM Hi-Tech Database houses over 3.2 million records as the most comprehensive set of business technology market response data available. This database offers B2B technology direct marketing solutions to subscribers of leading media brands. The Hi-Tech Database from UBM provides B2B marketers access to professionals […] Continue Reading →


Be There When IT Buyers Look For Actionable And Sound Advice From Our Editorial Experts Today’s IT decision makers prefer to have their business technology and market information delivered in a straightforward, simple style directly to their digital inbox. Your Message and Offer Delivered Digitally and Contextually to Target Audiences The InformationWeek Business Technology Network […] Continue Reading →

Custom Events

Tap into UBM Tech’s event resources to build a world-class event program Our event team will develop customized events that are tailored to meet your specific business objectives and get you in front of your best prospects.  Our experienced team will help you develop and control content in a small- or large-scale meeting environment with creativity […] Continue Reading →

iPad Advertising

Make An Impression On Busy Technology Decision Makers UBM Tech iPad apps give on-the-go business technology professionals quick access to breaking news stories and incisive commentary by our trusted editorial experts. After downloading the app, technology buyers gain FREE access to just the right dose of what they need to know on a daily basis. […] Continue Reading →


Educate And Engage Target Audiences While Generating Leads Webinars provide a forum for presenting in-depth and highly credible information that reaches prospects at multiple stages of the buyer readiness cycle at the same time. Access the largest, most influential community of business technology buyers by aligning your Webinar with InformationWeek, Dark Reading, Network Computing or […] Continue Reading →

Content Syndication

Using the power of the TechWeb Digital Library, Content Syndication activates the largest and most influential audience of business technology buyers by leveraging the trusted brands, rich content and active visitors of our network of online sites, including,, and Continue Reading →

Tech Centers

Reach Active Business Technology Buyers With A Technology Specific Resource Center Tech Centers are designed to provide IT professionals with targeted content on key technologies and products critical to their business.  Align with one of our leading editorial brands to create a powerful technology specific resource center. InformationWeek helps CIOs and IT executives define and […] Continue Reading →