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Content Marketing that Drives Results — and Investment

“One of the reasons I hate the word omni-channel is that it encourages us to be everywhere, and no one can,” says Rose. “We must pick and choose strategically.” Continue Reading →


Research: 2015 App Dev Priorities Survey

The world of application development is undergoing a transformation. New platforms for server and client, new development tools, new languages, newfound status, and new deployment methodologies mean the already quick pace of change has gotten faster. Continue Reading →


Content Marketing—Challenges, Obstacles and Barriers, oh my!

Part One of a conversation with CMI’s Chief Strategy Officer Robert Rose, to discuss some of the trends from the survey and their implications for marketers. The conversation gives some insight into the “state of the state” of content marketing at many organizations, with a particular focus on barriers to success. Continue Reading →


InformationWeek Names 2014 Chief Of The Year: Bank Of America’s Cathy Bessant

The financial sector is where the latest technology innovations — from data analytics to mobile applications to information security to the private cloud — are put to the test. And it’s in financial services that InformationWeek found its Chief of the Year for 2014: Cathy Bessant, head of Bank of America’s 100,000-person Global Technology & Operations organization. Continue Reading →


Circular Marketing

First came integrated marketing, then outbound marketing, then inbound marketing, and now circular marketing. What’s changed is the addition of metrics into the marketing plan. Continue Reading →


PR and Marketing Are Aligning, Now What?

PR News recently released the findings of a survey conducted with PR Newswire into the alignment of PR, marketing, and advertising. Two trends stand out as areas of focus and growth for communications professionals moving forward. Continue Reading →


2014 State of Cloud Computing

We’re going to guide you through the results of our latest State of Cloud Computing Survey and jump into five factors that will determine which cloud deployments will succeed — and which vendors will win in the marketplace. Continue Reading →


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