EDN Tablet Edition

Award-winning digital format designed for tablets, accessible on desktops

Content alignment & brand exposure

The EDN Tablet Edition provides engineers with highly interactive content in a digital mobile and desktop application.  This platform brings learning to a new level by incorporating video, animation, interactive screens, social media channels and more. With the EDN Tablet Edition you are fully immersed in the latest technologies, products and design methodologies from the best of content of EDN.com as well as original content created for this specific environment.

 Create demand for your products and services EDN tablet screen shot

It’s the product specification data, troubleshooting help and practical how-to design information they need to get designs done quickly and efficiently. And it’s the ideal vehicle for putting your company’s products and expertise at the engineer’s fingertips at the most critical stages of the design process – when they are actively seeking new products for their designs.

EDN Tablet Edition
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