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Embracing Today’s Complex Marketing 

Business marketing has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. It has become more complex, more multi-faceted and more challenging to manage. Yet, never has marketing been more critical in driving revenue and building meaningful, sustainable relationships with customers.  The need to accelerate time to market and deliver real time analysis is creating unique challenges for B2B marketers; who may have longer sales cycles, but have been forced to focus on short-term one-off campaigns, often times at the expense of building brand value and customer relationships.

Technology has been a key driver behind these changes … and while it means that marketing has grown in complexity and scope, so has the potential for powerful outcomes.  Now, marketers must expertly compete through an optimal blend of technology, audience, content, analytics and user experience strategies.  And they must do so in a way that is sustainable through integrated, brand building programs.

UBM Tech Marketing Services

UBM Tech’s Marketing Services solutions are designed to manage and minimize that complexity for you.  Our integrated marketing platforms and processes leverage the latest content, communities, technologies, tools and talent to deliver guaranteed, accountable results for clients.

We put content and active communities at the core of every marketing solution, and integrate digital, social, video, live and mobile platforms to reach and engage business and technology decision makers in a sustainable manner. We turn theory and ideas into action through the use of proven, time-honored strategies and approaches.

  • Flexible and Scalable:  choose from a menu and ramp up or ramp down on services based on your needs and what market conditions dictate.
  • Speed to market: pursue new opportunities quickly without having to worry about your resources and the tactical details
  • Talent: with more than 70 full time Marketing Services experts on our team, we provide deep experience and expertise across all marketing disciplines – allowing you to focus on creating value for your customers.

From content and event marketing to lead cycle management and full-blown community building services, we can create, plan and manage sustainable marketing programs that deliver results both effectively and efficiently.

Our Services

  • Content Marketing: improve content effectiveness and engagement
  • Community Building: build community and drive meaningful conversations
  • Lead Life Cycle: generate new and nurture existing prospects
  • Event Marketing: transform web and face-to-face events into high-impact engagements
  • Marketing Planning: align your strategy and messaging with the right audiences

Our Portfolio

Year after year UBM Tech’s Marketing Services programs have won accolades from our peers. Internet Evolution has won more MIN’s awards than any other website (B2B or consumer) beating out the likes of very high profile consumer brands.  We invite you to check out just some of our work – please contact us to see more multimedia programs we’ve put together for our clients.

Why UBM Tech Marketing Services

With more than three decades of marketing experience, access to 18  million business and technology buyers, sophisticated campaign management tools and a dedicated, world-class team of marketing, content and analytics professionals, UBM Tech Marketing Services has the resources and expertise you need to create, produce and execute world-class technology marketing.

    • Unique Insights:  Deep understanding of emerging and established markets and communities provides unique insights to shape your business and marketing strategy
    • Actionable Intelligence: Millions of monthly engagements captures buyers’ needs and behaviors for more precise and effective marketing
    • Engaging Content:  Seasoned experience in cross-platform content development and delivery increases buyer engagement and relevancy
    • Meaningful Conversations:  Proven online and live media communities + technology platforms + topical information shared across the social web assures you can lead or join the conversation
    • Professional Resources: Diverse market and marketing expertise accelerates time to market and fills critical gaps in resources and skill sets
    • Market Relevancy: Trusted brands creates sustained, qualified audiences of professional buyers
    • Business Analytics:  Established success metrics and optimized tracking and KPIs deliver accountable results

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