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How Electronics Engineers Consume Content Infographic Series: Sponsored Content

Fast facts to help marketers understand how Electronics Engineers use sponsored content. Continue Reading →


Infographic: The Data Center Is Poised For A Wild Ride – Don’t Be Left Behind

Our latest infographic series results from the InformationWeek 2014 State of the Enterprise Data Center Survey. The infographic assesses the current state of data centers, explores data center resource constraints, and reviews efforts to monitor, manage, and measure IT and data center systems. Continue Reading →


Research: 2014 State of the Enterprise Data Center Survey

The data center is full of nonstop action. In the physical infrastructure, SDN is disrupting networking, flash is shaking up storage, and hypervisors have revolutionized how we buy servers. For managers, DevOps and Lean business models are changing attitudes and application strategies. And of course, cloud is everywhere. Continue Reading →

State of the DC

How Electronics Engineers Consume Content Infographic Series: Online Training and Education

Fast facts to help marketers understand the importance of online training and education for Electronics Engineers. Continue Reading →


IT’s Reputation: What the Data Says

They say perception is reality. If so, many in-house IT departments have reason to worry. InformationWeek’s IT Perception Survey seeks to quantify how IT thinks it’s doing versus how the business really views IT’s performance in delivering services — and, more important, powering innovation. Read the full report here! Continue Reading →


Executive Q & A: Engaging Tech Buyers from the Office to Events and Back

Research Based Insight: Optimizing Your Integrated Marketing Strategy

Sponsoring industry events can go a long way in helping achieve your marketing goals. Our experts at UBM Tech take a look at some of the best practices—and pitfalls—to observe in order to ensure maximum ROI across an integrated marketing approach, from your pre-event strategy, to your on-site approach, to your post-event follow-up. Continue Reading →

Executive Q A

How Electronics Engineers Consume Content Infographic Series: Webinars

Fast facts to help electronics marketers understand how electronics engineers use, find, and share webinars as part of their job. Continue Reading →


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