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Infographic: 10 Industry Event Don’ts For Tech Marketers

UBM Tech polled 1000+ tech professionals to learn about their event preferences and actions. Based on their responses, we put together a list of ten things marketers should not do before, during, and after an event. Plus, one all-important marketing Do. Continue Reading →


Research: 2015 App Dev Priorities Survey

The world of application development is undergoing a transformation. New platforms for server and client, new development tools, new languages, newfound status, and new deployment methodologies mean the already quick pace of change has gotten faster. Continue Reading →


2014 State of Cloud Computing

We’re going to guide you through the results of our latest State of Cloud Computing Survey and jump into five factors that will determine which cloud deployments will succeed — and which vendors will win in the marketplace. Continue Reading →


How Electronics Engineers Consume Content Infographic Series: Online Communities

Fast facts to help marketers understand the importance of online communities to Electronics Engineers. Continue Reading →


CDOs Replace CIOs? I’m Not Buying It

The provocateurs at IDC last week had their headline-grabber: By 2020, chief digital officers (CDOs) will “supplant” 60% of CIOs at global companies. Here’s my prediction: By 2020, chief digital officers will be yesterday’s fad, joining the ranks of chief innovation, learning, and culture officers. Continue Reading →


How Are IT Pros Using Mobile Devices For Work-Related Content?

Everyone is talking about mobile marketing, so we conducted a survey to find out exactly how our audience of business technology professionals are consuming content via mobile devices. The results give tech marketers a much clearer picture as to where and how to allocate their budget for mobile marketing. Continue Reading →

Mobile Content Consumption Cover

How Electronics Engineers Consume Content Infographic Series: Sponsored Content

Fast facts to help marketers understand how Electronics Engineers use sponsored content. Continue Reading →


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