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Why Content Needs To Be About The Audience, Not You

I attended two sessions at CM World 2014 that left me with a newfound understanding of what it means to make content about the audience, not you. One presentation exemplified what that means – the other totally failed. Continue Reading →


Facebook Made Some Changes To The News Feed & You’ll Never Believe What Happened Next!

Facebook has been weeding out of our newsfeeds some viral content of little authority or relevance. Learn about the end of click-baiting headlines and what your prospects really want from social content. Continue Reading →


How Do You Measure The Success Of Your Content?

Earlier this year, Contently surveyed over 300 marketers from both B2B and B2C companies and asked that very question. As expected, marketers are focused on quantitative results — from site traffic to social engagement to SQLs. But wait…more than 90 percent said that they are not very confident in the key content metrics they are using to measure business results. Well, now I’m confused. Continue Reading →


3 Tips for Content that Gets Results

You know your content is great and has information that people really need – so why aren’t they clicking on it? The answer could be in the title of your content. If it’s not eye-catching or gives your reader a strong reason to click right away, that potential business could go to someone else. Can you really risk that? Continue Reading →


About Those Shorter Titles in Google… New Useful Tool

Moz was kind enough to roll out a handy little tool that allows you to preview your titles as they would appear (approximately) in Google. Please check it out, share it with your comrades, and USE IT! Continue Reading →


Timeless Storytelling Tips For Content Marketing & PR

Organizations and companies who need publicity may get more exposure by doing a feature story rather than issuing a straight news releases. Marketers who want their content to resonate with audiences should pay heed to these tips by Fred Ferguson, the former manager of PR Newswire’s Feature News Service. Continue Reading →


Should Every Brand Be On Instagram?

Fast Company made a bold statement: every brand should be on Instagram. As a PR professional I’ve always counseled my clients that it’s not worth joining every social channel just to say you’re on there. However, I’m interested to hear what your thoughts are on Instagram as well as other mobile marketing platforms. Continue Reading →


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