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Implied Calls To Action

The biggest opportunity for content marketing is developing Moments Of Inspiration (MOI). An MOI uses an implied call to action, which is when users create their own action such as “How can I help?” But how would this work for B2B tech marketing? Continue Reading →


Make Your Marketing Strategy P.O.P.!

Join us for a 30-minute webinar where we’ll share the results of our new research study, “The Tech Buyer’s Perspective: From the Office to Events and Back.” Our new research shares key data behind the value of an integrated marketing approach from the perspective of technology decision makers. Continue Reading →


9 Tips for Writing an Effective Online Headline

The headline is the first – and sometimes only — thing your audience sees before deciding to open your blog post. It needs to be worthy of being clicked on. Your headline has three goals – if it captures deeper meaning, reader interest and search value, you’re in good shape.

These nine tips will help you achieve those goals. Continue Reading →


10 Mandates For Your Landing Pages

Marketers spend a lot of time designing their landing pages, and often think theirs is perfect, i.e. clear messaging and stunning visuals. I learned at a CM World session that every landing page has an update that can be made, it’s just the level of how egregious the error. I condensed my notes to the ten best lessons that I hope you can use as a checklist to update your future landing pages. Continue Reading →


Why Content Needs To Be About The Audience, Not You

I attended two sessions at CM World 2014 that left me with a newfound understanding of what it means to make content about the audience, not you. One presentation exemplified what that means – the other totally failed. Continue Reading →


Facebook Made Some Changes To The News Feed & You’ll Never Believe What Happened Next!

Facebook has been weeding out of our newsfeeds some viral content of little authority or relevance. Learn about the end of click-baiting headlines and what your prospects really want from social content. Continue Reading →


How Do You Measure The Success Of Your Content?

Earlier this year, Contently surveyed over 300 marketers from both B2B and B2C companies and asked that very question. As expected, marketers are focused on quantitative results — from site traffic to social engagement to SQLs. But wait…more than 90 percent said that they are not very confident in the key content metrics they are using to measure business results. Well, now I’m confused. Continue Reading →


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