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Big Data: Outlook 2013

Download Big Data 2013 Outlook for the marketing, IT and business intelligence you’ll need to make timely, informed decisions about business and technology. Continue Reading →

Big Data 2013 -2

Marketing Infographics: Lessons From A B2C Publisher

A brilliant interactive infographic from USA Today carries powerful lessons for B2B marketers planning infographics of their own. Continue Reading →

USA Today infographic

Mobile, Social Drive Changes At The Desktop

Some of the core principles of social and mobile – simplicity, liberal use of graphics and photos, ease of engagement – are increasingly driving desktop web design, which hasn’t always kept pace with these two pervasive technologies. Continue Reading →


Video: 2011 Mega Trends – How To Take Advantage

Watch the five part series:  2011 Mega Trends to Watch for Tech Marketers Continue Reading →

Selling What You Know – Three Keys To Content Marketing

The Next Big Thing In Business Technology

“The Social Enterprise” UBM TechWeb CEO Tony Uphoff recently spoke at Jiveworld about what he believes is the next operating system in business: The Social Enterprise.  It’s redefining the way we are all doing business. Watch his presentation and and let us know what you think! Or you can email Tony directly at Continue Reading →

Drive Face to Face Conversations with Targeted Audience

Symantec wanted to engage IT decision makers with specific purchasing responsibility in their primary target markets to deliver their message and elicit feedback. Continue Reading →

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