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How Behavioral Targeting Moves The Marketing Performance Needle

We’re seeing impressive performance improvements that strongly indicate “digital body language” drives great performance. In our lowest-performing case, a targeted group enhanced with behavioral data delivered a 250% lift in performance vs. a group without that data. Continue Reading →


Audience Engagement Formula: Great Content + Frictionless Registration

Using career-driven content, a simple, no-friction form powered by marketing automation and other marketing best practices, we’ve been able to re-engage hundreds of users as marketable database members. Continue Reading →

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Telecommuting and Building High-Performance Teams

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s edict of no more telecommuting lit up news and social media sites this week while raising important issues for marketers and IT pros to consider when it comes to developing and optimizing their teams. Will this be the first step in a trend that finds marketers, IT professionals and other with established work-at-home arrangements being called (hauled?) into the office against their will? Time will tell. Continue Reading →

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Big Data: Where The Needs (and Jobs) Are In 2013

Clear trends are emerging in the analytics roles that are most needed in 2013, as well as the steps that employers and employees can take to position themselves to capitalize on the Big Data wave. Continue Reading →

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LinkedIn Endorsements: Career Booster or Quid Pro Quo?

There’s a timely Brainyard discussion taking place on the value of LinkedIn’s recently added endorsements feature. The broad consensus of the blog writer and commenters is that endorsements aren’t particularly helpful or meaningful. It’s hard to escape LinkedIn’s efforts to push the new endorsements feature. But that’s precisely the problem: the process requires nothing more […] Continue Reading →


Big Data: Outlook 2013

Download Big Data 2013 Outlook for the marketing, IT and business intelligence you’ll need to make timely, informed decisions about business and technology. Continue Reading →

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Marketing Infographics: Lessons From A B2C Publisher

A brilliant interactive infographic from USA Today carries powerful lessons for B2B marketers planning infographics of their own. Continue Reading →

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