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20% Of Apps Are Opened Only Once

Does your brand have a dedicated app? Do you think most users are engaging with it more than once after downloading? New data from Localytics finds how often consumers are actually using apps and how app engagement has changed over the past four years. Continue Reading →


88% of Digital Marketers Consider Realtime Marketing Critical To Their Efforts

What does realtime marketing really mean to marketers? Are marketers seeing tangible benefits from realtime marketing? These are some of the questions raised from a new study published by Evergage. Continue Reading →


Mobile Marketing Tips for Companies on Facebook

Millions of people interact with business pages on Facebook every day, and more than half of them are accessing these pages via a mobile device. Are you taking advantage of this trend – or are you missing out on this opportunity to fully connect with your target audience? Continue Reading →


Join Us At Realtime Marketing Lab on October 14

For marketing, communications and agency executives, this is an exciting time, full of new opportunities. But it’s also overwhelming: who has time to keep up with all these changing technologies? The premise behind Realtime Marketing Lab is that in one day, you’ll be able to explore the latest realtime tools and technologies in a fun, hands-on environment. Continue Reading →


Are You Getting the Full SEO Benefits of Social Media?

Searchmetrics released a recent study into the importance of each ranking signal and how much they impact your results; social media signals were at the top of the list. Is your brand already sharing content actively on social platforms? If not, here are some of the basics about social media and SEO. Continue Reading →


“Power Middle” Influencer Marketing Campaigns Drive 16x Engagement Of Paid Or Owned Media

Much of the talk around influence marketing has focused on how to best target and engage high-ranking influencers. But new research is showing that a focus on mid-level influencers is actually far more effective when it comes to engagement and driving earned media, and at a much more efficient cost than working with “professional” A-list influencers. Continue Reading →


B2B Lead Generation: Twitter Outperforms Facebook, LinkedIn By 9-to-1

Social media still generates less than 5% of overall traffic and leads to B2B websites, according to a new study by digital marketing software provider Optify, with Facebook as the strongest driver of traffic among the top three social media platforms studied. But Twitter is by far the strongest social media channel for B2B lead generation; fully 82% of social media leads come from Twitter, outperforming Facebook and LinkedIn by 9-to-1. Continue Reading →


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