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10 Key Facts About LinkedIn Search

Whether you are looking for a new job, a new employee, or someone – anyone — who can help you figure out how big data fits into social networking wrapped around analytics, search is a key function on LinkedIn. The professional social network this week announced changes to its search capabilities targeted at streamlining and relevancy. Continue Reading →


When Tragedy Strikes, It’s Not Social Business As Usual

If there were any doubts remaining about the power of social media, they were squelched this week during the horrific events around the Boston Marathon. Amid the chaos and overloaded cell networks, Twitter and Facebook became lifelines — in some cases, literally — for runners, spectators, event staff and first responders. In the days since the bombings, social media has played a key role in the investigation into who perpetrated the attacks. Continue Reading →

Multiple People Injured After Explosions Near Finish Line at Boston Marathon

How To Market Collaboration To Employees

One of the most common challenges organizations face when they deploy collaborative platforms and technologies involves employee adoption: Many employees don’t use the tools, or adoption quickly falls a month or so after deployment. Here are a few of the most effective ways I’ve seen organizations handle the adoption challenge in both the short- and long-term. Continue Reading →


LinkedIn’s SlideShare Content Ads: 6 Do’s And Don’ts

SlideShare Content Ads provide an interesting way for businesses to get their message across to customers and potential customers, but there’s a lot of potential for getting a presentation very wrong — especially in an advertising and marketing context. Here are six ways to engage, rather than enrage, with SlideShare Content Ads. Continue Reading →


10 Ways To Foster Effective Social Employees

As with any technology, social business tools can be used effectively, or they can be the productivity sinks IT and business managers feared they would be. Here are some best practices for making your employees more effective and productive on social business tools.
Continue Reading →


8 Mistakes With LinkedIn

If you want to network professionally today, you have to be on LinkedIn. And, just as in face-to-face interactions, there are some specific no-no’s when it comes to communication and collaboration on LinkedIn. The BrainYard has put together a slideshow on LinkedIn manners. Continue Reading →


3 Tips From Burger King, Jeep Twitter Hacks

In about 24 hours, the Twitter accounts of Burger King, Jeep and other well-known companies were hacked. Follow these three strategies to avoid a similar fate. Continue Reading →


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