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Shannon Ryan
General Manager, Online Marketing Summit
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Webinar: Digital Marketing in 2013 – What You Need to Know

Join Shannon Ryan, Online Marketing Summit GM and industry thought leaders to learn about the trends and challenges that are transforming digital marketing and how to develop your 2013 strategy and initiatives to account for them. Register now for the complimentary webinar on Thursday, November 29 at 11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET. Continue Reading →

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Facebook Algorithm Change Spurs Debate About Organic v. Paid Media And How Engagement Is Defined

One of the hottest topics in social media right now is Facebook’s algorithm and its recent refinement, which seems to be having an impact on which brand posts show in the News feed. Some brands are reporting that they have seen a significant drop in engagement over the past few weeks and many are wondering if this recent algorithm change is Facebook’s attempt to help control the flow of what appears in the feed is a movement towards their need to grow revenue. Continue Reading →


Email & the Customer Engagement Model

Email is still a leader in return on investment and engaging audiences as demonstrated in recent studies. While email is performing, there are three major dynamics at play that are creating opportunity, as well as challenges for email marketers. Shannon Ryan, GM of Online Marketing Summit will share her insights with tech marketers and don’t miss the Two Minute Take video including insights on email and the customer engagement model. Continue Reading →


Digital Marketing’s Impact on the Customer Engagement Model

The insights from digital marketing are redefining audience intelligence, as we know it. Digital marketing has not only helped transform audience segmentation, it is now a benchmark and driver for the customer engagement model. The insights we can gather are deeper than ever and every aspect of an organization not only benefits from them, they can be a part of it.
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