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Build Pipeline Not Hypeline

You decide to take advantage of some hot trend to pull loads of leads, then celebrated as this amazing piece of content delivered the highest lead numbers marketing has ever seen. A couple months later there’s some pipeline, but just a few months after that, whoops, there it went. Where did it go?! Continue Reading →


5 Far-Fetched 2012 Marketing Predictions

Hi-Tech Marketing Revives the US Postal Service with Direct Twitter Mail Campaigns. In a stroke of pure genius, marketers write tweets, print them and then mail them to prospects, press and analysts. At first, the new strategy becomes so effective and pervasive that the USPS finally seems viable. Then in another stroke of genius marketing groups send Tweets with postcards and coin the new term ‘Snail Tweet” or SNEETS. Just as the USPS prepares to restructure it’s debt for an IPO, Al Gore claims global warming has been accelerated from the massive explosion of SNEETS and he invents a new means to distribute SNEETS – called e-mail. Continue Reading →


Your Brand is a Reality Show Airing ‘Round the Clock

I got a phone call from a solar company offering a free home audit with a ton of promotional discounts. I agreed to take an appointment and they told me I’d get a call back from a rep to schedule. While I waited, I looked the company up and found that they had over 10 […] Continue Reading →

What’s In That Bubble?

Sure, call this a bubble, but that’s meaningless. Stock markets themselves create bubbles everywhere – companies trade at values in excess of the business assets – and many companies trade in significant excess. The big question is – what’s in those bubbles?  What percent of that bubble is hot air generated by fluff just waiting […] Continue Reading →

Ride The Social Dragon, But Don’t Try To Control It

It was around 5 years ago when I remember the great legal debate inside a company I was at. Do we open up blogging to more employees? Continue Reading →

Tagline Shmagline…

Some taglines are very clever and well thought out, but do they really have any impact?  As a marketer there was almost nothing better than doing the “tagline expedition.” We were doing a “branding exercise” and sometimes had pretty nice budgets to do focus groups, surveys and all kinds of fun academic time wasting activities.  […] Continue Reading →

Throw IT/Business “Alignment” Out – Let’s Synchronize to Support Growth Imperatives

I was sitting in Paris on the last day of a 3-day partner enablement event when Informatica’s IT Director Eric Johnson said some words I hadn’t really thought of, but jarred me. He was asked to talk about the world of the IT buyer, what his pains are, how people should approach him and what […] Continue Reading →

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