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Data-Driven Techniques That Unlock New Customers And Revenue

B2B media and marketing professionals have to rethink how we serve professionals to attract new customers and create new products and revenue streams. One of the most effective ways to make this happen is through customer modeling: using data, insights and targeted marketing techniques to unlock new opportunities. Continue Reading →


What It Takes To Lead A Business With Social Purpose

At the 2013 Business4Better Conference, Kurt Knapton, CEO of E-Rewards, and Mike Hannigan, President of Give Something Back Office Supplies, shared their personal journey to create successful businesses that have a larger social purpose. Continue Reading →


Twitter Chats: Powerful, Purposeful Format for Real-Time Awareness, Discovery & Research

This week I participated in my first Twitter Chat – also known as a Tweet Chat or Twitter parties in consumer circles – as a guest and was intrigued by the possibilities for B2B marketing. Share your experiences and ideas around using Twitter Chats to engage and advance discussions in your marketing and community efforts. Continue Reading →


The Top 9: What Content Is Striking A Chord With Business Tech Buyers?

We are all learning about the power of smart, high-value content to help our customers and prospects do their job and add value to their research and info needs – aka “Content Marketing.” With hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in our corporate web sites, and countless hours and resources on content creation, we all want to know – what’s working? Continue Reading →


Marketer Spotlight: William Toll, VP Of Marketing, ProfitBricks

As Vice President of Marketing for ProfitBricks, an upstart global cloud infrastructure provider, William Toll drives the marketing strategy and implementation for this German-based company bringing a new approach to virtualized data centers. We had a chance to experience their U.S. launch first hand, and wanted to share the learnings with other tech marketers. Continue Reading →


Using Content To Align Your Prospect Buying, Marketing & Sales Processes

It is very easy to get caught up in our own internal company processes, language, and thinking; we live in this world every business day and are naturally influenced by colleagues and how our companies operate. As a result, we run the risk of muffling the most important voice – our customers and prospects. Fortunately, we have discovered a few simple techniques to help marketers from falling into this trap… Continue Reading →


Marketer Spotlight: C. Edward Brice, SVP Of Worldwide Marketing, Lumension

C. Edward Brice serves as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Lumension. In this role, Brice is responsible for leading the company’s strategic global marketing efforts. We discovered quickly that Ed and the Lumension team had lots to share on digital and content-driven marketing, mastering the buying cycle and how to compete with the behemoth tech providers. Continue Reading →

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