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Monique Luttrell
Director of Marketing, Business Technology Media
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Webinar: How to Get IT Professionals to Say Yes to Your Events

Join UBM Tech event experts Brian Gillooly and Robyn Duda as they share new research on “Why Tech Events Fail or Succeed” during this 30-minute webinar. Register Now! Continue Reading →


Master Tech Content Marketing Infographic Series: Webinars

To learn more about how IT professionals consume content, please download the original research report: Content Connects Peers. You can also register for our webinar 7 Ways to Master Tech Content Marketing. Join Stephanie Stahl, VP of Content Marketing, UBM Tech Create, and Amy Doherty,  Research Director, UBM Tech, on April 9 at 10am PST as they cover best practices and […] Continue Reading →


UBM Tech Unveils the New Dark Reading Information Security Community Site

UBM Tech announces the new community-driven Dark Reading, the cyber security industry’s top destination for news and insight. The redesigned site gives cyber security professionals an editorially-supported environment to connect with peers through moderated discussions, blogs and social media, giving the community equal share of voice with reporters and experts. Continue Reading →


Busting Tech Marketing Myths

In this free webinar, The Buyer’s Journey Is A Myth, UBM Tech’s Jonathan Vlock will explain why and how your content marketing strategies should change. Learn how to use personas and content to better align marketing efforts with the realities of modern day purchasing – reserve your spot for this 30-minute webinar today! Continue Reading →


Beyond Storytelling, Marketers As Educators

As marketers we need to consider that our potential and current customers all “learn” differently. It’s important to provide content types that each of them prefer (or require). This will ensure that, no matter what their learning style is, they will be able to engage with and appreciate your content. Continue Reading →

The Styles Of Learning

Blogging is Sharing is Caring

A blog is a wonderful way to share your knowledge and people are looking for your help. People want more than just technical white papers, guides and data sheets; they want peer insight and guidance. As a tech marketer, you know your company’s technologies and industry better than most. What have you shared lately? Continue Reading →


Defrost Your Frozen Leads

You know those names sitting in your database that marketing and sales hasn’t touched in years? It’s time to defrost your frozen leads. All of them. TCMPi’s marketing research analyst, Marimer Guevara, shared helpful tips during her session for working with frozen leads and cleaning up your database. Using a basic drip campaign, you can determine which contacts should be deleted and which should be nurtured. Continue Reading →


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