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Are You Offering Prospects A Hot Fudge Sundae Without the Chocolate?

Imagine an ice cream parlor that offered a ‘hot fudge sundae,’ but the ice cream they served wasn’t smothered in rich dark chocolate. It doesn’t matter how beautifully displayed the dessert is – the bowl gets pushed to the side because it’s less than what had been anticipated. Leads in a nurture program react exactly this way to emails that promise value and don’t deliver on it. Continue Reading →


Strong Content Is Essential To Successful Lead Nurture Programs

B2B companies need to build relationships with the 65-70% of website visitors who are not ready to buy, but will eventually purchase a product from them or their competitors. Lead nurturing helps to change these visitors into customers by building a relationship through the exchange of valuable information over a period of time. How big a role does content play in a program’s ROI? Find out! Continue Reading →

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Nurture Programs: Best Practices Checklist

The buying cycle for complex B2B products and services has fundamentally changed. No longer are salespeople involved in the entire sales process from awareness to purchase. In many cases the buying process is conducted mostly online. Businesses are increasingly dependent on their marketing teams to hold conversations with leads via email. As a direct result of this … Continue Reading →


Enable Lead Scoring With Marketing Automation

Lead scoring programs take the guesswork out of the business of marketing by systemically uncovering who is most active and, most importantly, who is ready for sales. In this presentation, you will discover the value of a lead scoring program and see how to build a program that works for your organization. Continue Reading →


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