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3 Content Marketing Refresh Strategies for 2013

Despite the promise of parties filled with noisemakers, toasts and holiday cheer (or at least a few quiet days off), many marketers eye the turn of the year with more than a little apprehension. That’s because it’s a reminder that the clock is ticking on the viability of many of their content marketing pieces. Continue Reading →


5 Quick Content Marketing Tips: Getting Custom Research Right

Marketers are moving beyond just thinking about “campaigns,” — projects with a beginning, middle and end — to thinking about how to create enduring relationships with customer and potential customers. I turned to the real expert, UBM Tech Research Director Amy Doherty, to compile this quick list of best practices for when you’re planning your 2013 research pieces. Continue Reading →


Research Brief: What Your Prospects Want And Don’t Want From You

Providing detailed, current information that speaks to your prospects’ pain points is crucial when building the long-term relationships that lead to technology purchases. In fact, tech vendors are particularly well positioned to advise prospects on how to solve their technology problems because they can draw from their experience with dozens or hundreds of implementations (or more) across their customer base. Continue Reading →


3 Marketing Myths Busted

You might think you know a lot about how to communicate with your potential customers — as most marketers do. But new research from UBM TechWeb is toppling several long-held beliefs about tech buyers’ preferences.

The new research findings, based on a survey of 240 technology decision makers conducted in March, were first presented at the InformationWeek-sponsored roundtable and simulcast “Lead Gen to Brand Gen: How to Change Your Game” earlier this month. Continue Reading →

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