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Infographic: Social is a Business Imperative

Social media is critical in the age of digital business. How can IT help? First, work with the marketing team to set up social networking programs on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, at minimum. Then work to put social media sentiment analytics in place to measure success. Continue Reading →


CIO’s Real Boss: The Customer

Not long ago, CIOs were the only C-suite executives with a meaningful understanding of technology. Now, others in the C-suite are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, and this has worked to the benefit of CIOs. The study shows that others in the C-suite — especially chief financial officers and chief marketing officers — are more inclined to collaborate with CIOs than ever before. Continue Reading →


Twitter’s Enduring Struggle: ROI

The three top challenges marketers still face are measuring results and ROI (45%), building an audience (42%), and generating engagement (27%). While nearly half of businesses struggle to measure their success and ROI, they feel their presence on the social network is mandatory. Continue Reading →


Infographic – Government IT Priorities

The 2014 InformationWeek Government IT Priorities Survey shows federal IT pros care about security – it’s rated as very important by 69% of respondents, 30 percentage points ahead of the No. 2 priority, disaster recovery. Will the upcoming NIST cyber-security framework help manage risk? Continue Reading →


Facebook To Offer New Advertising Options

Facebook will launch an ad campaign structure this week that it says will improve how businesses organize, optimize, and measure their ads. Facebook’s traditional advertising configuration consisted of two levels: campaigns and ads. The social network will add a third level, called ad sets. Continue Reading →


3 Social Analytics Mistakes: Don’t Be Fooled

Your company is raking in social capital: Likes, followers, retweets, mentions, and so forth. You’re flat-out killing it. But what’s all that data really worth? Here are three of the most common errors brands make when sizing up their social analytics. Continue Reading →


IT Is At The Center Of Your Business

The reality is that IT is (or should be) deeply involved in most businesses decisions. No matter what role IT plays in your organization, it must keep the customer at the center of all decisions and have the tools in place for an exceptional experience. Continue Reading →


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