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Google To Factor Security In Search Results

Google finds that testing whether websites support HTTPS, among its many ranking signals, improves the relevancy of its search results. As a consequence, any website concerned about where it ranks in search result lists — which means most websites — will want to implement HTTPS support if it hasn’t already. Continue Reading →


CIOs Cede Digital Transformation Ground To CMOs

88% of executives and digital strategists indicated that their company is undergoing a formal digital transformation effort this year, according to the report. But only one quarter said they mapped out the digital customer journey and have a clear understanding of new digital touch points. Continue Reading →


Facebook Referral Traffic Skyrockets

Facebook drove nearly one-quarter of all Web traffic in June while other social networks experienced significant drops, says new report. Continue Reading →


CIO-CMO Relationship: Plagued By Digital Pretenders

Why do CIOs have strong relationships with every other executive in the C-suite except the CMO? When you boil it down, CIOs and CMOs often don’t see eye to eye because they have their backs to each other. CMOs are looking outward toward the customer while most CIOs are looking at internal business operations. It’s time they face each other or risk falling flat on the transition to digital. Continue Reading →


3 Underappreciated IT Leadership Skills

“What sort of IT leaders do we need for the 21st Century?” We posed this question to CIOs of leading companies in Silicon Valley and what we heard was unambiguous around three themes. Continue Reading →


Tune In! CIO Vs. CMO Vs. CTO: Steel Cage Match For Your Company’s Digital Soul

Join us Tuesday, July 8 at 2:00 p.m. EDT (11:00 a.m. PDT) for the interview and online chat. We’ll discuss the proper roles for C-level execs; IT’s place in product development and marketing; and what a modern, digital-ready IT architecture looks like. Continue Reading →


The CIO’s 2 New BFFs

Is your business digital? A better question to ask is: Which part of your business isn’t digital? Most organizations — whether they are corporations, government agencies, healthcare organizations, or educational institutions — are now digital at the core, including their interactions with customers. Continue Reading →


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