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2013: The Year Of Engagement

Engagement is the big marketing buzzword for 2013, says Geoffrey Moore, the king of chasm crossing. How will CMOs do it? I respect Moore as a forward thinker and I think he is right that in this era of multiple ways of engaging via digital social networks, older email, instant messages, voice over IP and even — imagine this — face to face conversation, developing a way to engage with customers and potential customers is a very big deal in 2013. Continue Reading →


Create Your Next Customer? No, Educate Your Next Customer

It was during the Enterprise 2.0 event in Boston, when I was interviewing some recent graduates of the YearUp! program, that I realized ‘create your next customer’ means a lot more than lead nurturing, social networking, or figuring out which chatski to giveaway at a booth. Continue Reading →

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The Rise Of Customer Reference Programs

Customers, customers, customers. Those three words (all the same), sum up most technology keynotes. If the CEO is not championing customers, he (or she) is hauling some customers out on stage for discussion. The customer envy doesn’t end on the keynote stage. Sales wants customer references to close business. And the first question from most tech journalists -including myself – is “Do you have some customers that I can speak with about your new product?” Continue Reading →

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The Ten New Rules Of Public Relations

I recently was on an editorial panel hosted by the Publicity Club of New England. The topic was the technology press and the panelists included some of the best (how did I get on?) of the Boston press including The Boston Globe, Fortune and ReadWriteWeb.
In this age of social media, mobile computing and always-on networks, the public relations business is undergoing as great a change as the rest of corporate America. Here are ten takeaways I gained from that recent panel.s undergoing as great a change as the rest of corporate America. Here are ten takeaways I gained from that recent panel. Continue Reading →


March Madness Has Lessons For Social Marketing

Sports teams, fans, and sports marketing pros have many lessons for social marketing. Just ask legendary sports broadcaster Butch Stearns. Here’s a scenario that would appeal to any social network-aware chief marketing officer: intensely loyal fans, physical venues intermixed with digital and broadcast platforms, and employees and customers ready to tweet and post every detail about the company’s activities. Continue Reading →

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Marketing Flow And Grow

That big event party is just a stop along the way.

Event marketing can range from small dinners to star festooned extravaganzas, but where we came to agreement was on the need to think of events as part of the continuous marketing flow rather than a single function. When Bonde asked me what makes a journalist pick one event or product introduction over another, I answered it was mostly in the pre-event preparation. Continue Reading →

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Hoop Tales: A Magic Plan To Create Your Next Customer

Anthony Perez had all his plans in place for the 2011/2012 NBA season – until it became apparent there might not be any season at all. What would you do if the big product intro which formed the core of your company’s marketing plan was scrubbed at the last second? Or your new, nifty web site or Facebook corporate page or Twitter promoted tweet program fell into that black hole of endless reviews and tweaking?
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