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10 Tips for Creating Wildly Successful Infographics

Infographics are playing a larger role in visual storytelling efforts. When they are thoughtfully designed, they provide attention-grabbing visuals that also help the reader better comprehend and remember the message. This added value to the reader often encourages further engagement and sharing. Here are some best practices for designing infographics that drive results. Continue Reading →


Infographic: 10 Tips for Creating Wildly Successful Infographics

The infographic of 10 best practices for designing infographics that drive results. Continue Reading →


The Long Click – An Important Measure for Communicators

Digital communications are incredibly measurable. Marketers know which websites refer the highest quality traffic to their own sites, and they know which pages on their websites do better job of converting visitors into customers. Many details about the behavior of visitor behavior before, during and after a website visit can be captured. This post discusses the “long click” – a golden opportunity for PR and Marketing teams. Continue Reading →


Copy Quality: New Imperatives for Communicators

How does one determine whether or not a piece of content is low quality? Understanding how to build/create quality content is a mandate for all communicators creating digital content. Google offered insights into how, when building the Panda algorithm, they determined whether or not content was quality. Continue Reading →


Safeguarding Brand Visibility on Social Networks

The social network companies can make (and have made) significant changes to their platforms, increasing and decreasing visibility for brands seemingly at the drop of a hat. Here are four ways brands can safeguard their online visibility and social network traction. Continue Reading →


The Key To Press Release Success: Multiple Visual Elements [Study + infographic]

How can you get better results with your press releases? The data is in, and the answer is clear. Visual illustration of your message is a key driver of success. Continue Reading →


The Evolution of Digital Communications

As content marketing blossoms into a multi-billion dollar industry, the competition for standing out becomes even more of a struggle. Social media, the 24-hour news cycle, and mobile connectivity have all contributed to our shortened attention spans and frustrations with filtering the noise to find the information that is most relevant to us. Continue Reading →


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