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Trend ID Algorithms: What Communicators Need to Know

The companies that control our attention do so without any transparency. We build our understanding of ourselves and the world around us through the stories we tell, and if algorithms only reinforce certain types of stories, it reduces our understanding of ourselves and our communities. Continue Reading →


The Effects of Hummingbird on Search and Social

What effect has Hummingbird had on search and social? Earlier this year, the Social Media Club NYC hosted an event that assessed the impact the new algorithm has had for internet users users and brands. One of the topics covered: What is the future of Hummingbird for users and marketers? Continue Reading →


Getting Press Release Readers to Take Action

Marketers know that slight tweaks to their web pages can deliver astonishing “lift” in the results those pages generate. Moving a button to a different spot on the page for example can increase the likelihood that page visitors click on the call to action. This is called ‘landing page optimization,’ and it’s an increasingly important field of digital marketing. What’s the connection with PR? Continue Reading →


7 Ways to Leverage the Power of Social Influencers

Consumers have developed a heightened awareness of traditional marketing tactics and look to their peers as a trusted source of information. Brands are now harnessing the power of those influencers for a return on investment that goes beyond retweets and Facebook likes. Here are some of the valuable strategies to help target and tap into your social influencers. Continue Reading →


What is PR & How Does it Relate to Marketing & Social?

At its core, PR today hasn’t changed – it’s still about influencing opinion and behavior. However, the mechanisms for building awareness and influencing opinions have changed dramatically. Continue Reading →


Social Media Lessons from The New York Times: They’re Not Just for Newsrooms

Last week the New York Times’ social media staff took to the Nieman Journalism Lab to reflect on what worked and what didn’t. Although the post was intended for newsrooms, many of their lessons can be adapted by any organization’s social media team. Continue Reading →


Strategic PR Can Lead to Strong SEO

There’s no SEO bag of tricks any longer. Major search engines like Google and Bing are not favoring content that is keyword stuffed or optimized with hidden text. Strategic branding and influencer engagement will pay off in the long run with quality links and social sharing that send strong signals to the search engines. Continue Reading →


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