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Mind of the Engineer

Gain critical insight into the Mind of the Engineer through this Executive Summary white paper. Produced by the electronics industry’s leading brands – EE Times, EDN, EBN and Embedded – the research provides insight on top concerns and issues weighing on the minds of engineers worldwide. Engineers from North America, Europe, and Asia were queried through a web survey and 2,623 useable responses were received. Highlights of the key data collected include:

  • How engineers view themselves
  • Challenges/obstacles engineers face in their jobs/careers
  • How engineers seek information to get their jobs done
  • Sourcing and usage of information sources
  • How engineers work and interact

Read about what engineers think about their work, life, and how it compares across the globe. As a result you will gain a better understanding of how to craft your marketing programs more effectively. We will also look at social media adoption, types of media consumed, and how engineers view our industry. For deeper view into the research and the see the entire presentation, contact Jim Dempsey.

Mind of the Engineer
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  1. [...] Like all studies, you can spend a lot of time analyzing – or over analyzing – the conditions and parameters of the research. Don’t do that. Just have some fun with the data. For a deeper look download the executive summary here. [...]