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eBook Marketing Tech 2013: Mobile, Social, Big Data Strategy Report

Marketing technology is all the rage for 2013. From predictions of CMOs outspending CIOs in years to come, to the many ways that marketers can capitalize on mobile and social trends for measurable revenue contributions, marketing has never gotten more attention as a business driver.

Marketers have always been data driven in their strategies and their ability to measure results. Now they can ride the wave of Big Data to capitalize on the latest technology tools to help them collect, analyze and act on data.

In this e-book, we’ve assembled the resources to arm marketers with our best research, analysis and insights so they can continue to advance their mobile, social and Big Data performance in 2013.

Features include:

  • Research: Mobility/BYOD Staffing Survey; Mobility Demands Aggressive Staffing Stance
  • Marketers Flooded With Big Data From Mobile
  • 8 Ways Marketers Can Profit From Big Data Investments
  • Will CMOs Outspend CIOs? Wrong Question
  • 5 Lessons For SMBs From Nokia’s Marketing Mistake
  • And much more!

Download the full e-book today!

Marketing Tech 2013: Mobile, Social, Big Data Strategy Report
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